This is Ambition's Privacy Policy. This policy has been created to show how Ambition (hereinafter referred to as "Ambition", "we", "us" or "our") collect, use, process and share information about users.
This Privacy Policy applies to all of our games across all platforms (including but not limited to our website, mobile devices and PC) It applies also to any marketing related to these services on all platforms that we may provide. The various games, websites and marketing activities and other services we provide will hereinafter be referred to as our "Services".
When you download or access our games, or make use of our websites or any other of our Services, you agree to allow us to collect and use your personal information according to the rules set out within this Privacy Policy. If you have any concerns about our collection and handling of this data, or about any of the rules set out in this Privacy Policy, we ask that you please refrain from playing our games and using our Services.
This Privacy Policy was last updated on 4/28/2021.

Playing our Games
When you play our games or use any of our offered Services, we collect certain information about you. In most cases, the information being collected is device information, country and regional information and information on how you use our Services, all collected directly from you. This data is used to optimize our Services, prevent cases of fraud or similar damages, customizing monetization options and for verifying your in-app purchases. This data may also be used for other purposes, as described in this Privacy Policy, such as for marketing.

The majority of the information that we collect from you is collected directly when you use our Services, such as when playing our games, using our websites or interacting with our advertising. Broadly speaking, this collected information relates to the device you use to access the Service and how you make use of the Service (such as achievements unlocked or in-game purchases made). This includes any information that you willingly provide or allow us access to when creating an account for any of our Services or when connecting such an account with a social network account. We may also collect information regarding your purchases and interests from advertisers and other such third parties.
The points below outline in more detail what types of information are gathered when using our various Services.
• Detailed information about how you play our games, interact with our advertising and use our other Services. For example, when and how you play our games, when and how you visit our websites, what devices you use to make use of our Services, and so on.
• Information that you input into forms, or use to respond to questions or surveys, when using our Services or when inviting others to use our Services.
• Content of any messages sent through in-game messaging functions.
• Content of inquiries sent to our customer support channels, or responses sent to any of our correspondence, may be kept on record.
• Content of interactions with our social media accounts.
• Information that we collect through cookies and similar functions, as outlined further below.
• Information to be explained further on in this Privacy Policy, such as that relating to marketing.
• Information that we collect from our group companies or other third parties to whom you have given consent or otherwise have legal right to share information with us (such as publishers, platforms, advertisers, partners, data aggregators, and so on). This information may include details such as your interests, other games or services that you use, and other targeting information such as demographics and location. Our use of this information will be limited to the manners outlined in this Privacy Policy and of the Privacy Policy of the company that shared the information with us.
We collect device identifiers and related information when you play our games, including the following.

• Information about the device that you use to play our games or use our Services, identifying information (such as IP address, device ID, advertising ID, and so on), and information about the country or region that you access from.
• Information regarding how you play our games or use our Services (such as which games of ours you play, how far you have progressed through our games, for how long you play our games per session, what in-app purchases you have made, and so on.)
When you make a purchase through one of our websites, we may temporarily receive information relating to that payment in order to send on to the payment service provider. However, this information is cached temporarily in such a way that we are unable to read it. This information is never collected or archived by us. The payment service provider will share with us only enough information about the purchase that we may determine whether the payment has completed successfully or not.
When you make a purchase through one of our mobile apps (as obtained from the Amazon App Store, the App Store or Google Play), we do not receive or store any information relating to payments.
We may ask for your explicit consent to obtain other information from your device. In such cases, we will outline specifically what information we wish to obtain and what we intend to use it for.
We may use this information in the following cases.
• To allow us to provide our Services to you, to verify your purchases so related contents are made available in the Services, and to provide customer support when needed.
• To allow us to optimize our Services for your device, and to provide you with custom events, gifts and other promotions in-game.
• For other reasons to be explained further on in this Privacy Policy, such as those relating to marketing.
• To allow us to comply with any relevant laws, to prevent fraudulent activities, and to follow, defend and establish our rights as laid out in the Terms of Service for each Service offered.
We may also share this information with any third parties who develop or offer Services to you on behalf of us.
We also collect anonymous data and use it for improving Service performance, troubleshooting, optimization and ensuring that users receive the best possible experience we can offer.
Outlined below are further details regarding how your information is used. Additional sections of this Privacy Policy also follow.
Provision and Optimization of Services
We use your information so that we may optimize our websites, advertising and other Services that we offer, in order to provide the best possible user experience. This includes analysis of information received in order to ensure that the Services work correctly on all devices, so that all users may enjoy them.

In-Game Messaging
Some of the Services that we offer contain systems for in-game messaging. Using these services, users may send messages to one another and make public comments on other Services. We may store and use these messages for conveying them through the Services and to enable message recipients to view their message history. We also reserve the right to check your messages, through the use of automated filters and other such systems, to ensure that there is no content that may go against our Terms of Service. We also reserve the right to prevent you access to all messaging functions, including blocking the sending of any messages, for any reason. Other than the reasons stated above, we will not make any use of your message content.

Customer Service
We use your information, such as that which you provide to us directly through inquiries, in order to provide you with customer support. We may also use this information to contact you, for example when providing customer support, or when providing you with news of updates to our Services. We also use and maintain this information in order to track our relationship with you and to help customize your experience with our Service.
Please see the Using our Websites section below for more details on what information is collected and how it is used when using our websites.
Analytics and Surveying
We use analytics tools in order to collect information on how you play our games and make use of our Services. This may also include third party analytics tools. These tools may use tracking technology such as cookies. We may use your data for research, surveys or to contact you directly. We may make reports based on the results of research and analysis performed on your data. These reports may be used in cases such as to track problems or tendencies with our Services or to test new content or features.

Social Communities
We use various social media and community channels to communicate with users. We will collect any information received by users who choose to use these channels for communication with us, and use it in cases such as when responding to you in turn. We may also republish any communications we receive on these same channels.

Promotions and Campaigns
We may sometimes run promotions or campaigns. When running such promotions or campaigns, we may collect personal information such as your name, address, postal code, email address or any other information necessary for you to obtain a prize. Such campaigns will have their own terms and conditions; however, any information collected for the purpose of a campaign shall only be used in the scope of and for that campaign. We also reserve the right to make public the names of those who take part in a campaign. This information may also be processed, stored and shared with your Service account following the rules laid out in this Privacy Policy.

Using our Websites
When you visit or our other websites (hereinafter referred to as "Websites"), we collect information such as how you use and what actions you perform when using our Websites. We may use this information in cases such as when optimizing our websites, when performing data analysis, or other such cases.
Information that we collect from you when you make use of our Websites includes the following.
• Information that you provide to us when you create an account, when you fill in a form or when you create a post or comment.
• Information on how you use and access our Websites, such as when you access, what actions you perform when accessing and what device you use to access.
• Information that we send or receive directly from you when you respond to customer support communications or when you contact other users through our Websites.
• Information that we receive via the use of cookies (small text files created on your device). These cookies obtain information such as device model, operating system, screen size and information about how you use our Websites.
We may use the information stated above in the following cases.
• When providing our Websites and any other related Services.
• When contacting you directly. For example, when providing customer support, or when providing news of updates relating to our Websites.
• In managing your account and your relationship with us, and enhancing your experience of the Websites.
• When creating reports or making analysis for research or business intelligence purposes. For example, in the prevention of problems or tracking of tendencies on the Websites.
• When attempting to prevent cheating, fraud or other crimes. In certain cases, we may need to share your information with relevant authorities (such as the police) in the prevention of fraud or other crimes.
• When carrying out any other actions as described in this Privacy Policy, or as required by law.
Social Play
You may choose to connect a third party network account (such as Facebook) to our Services. Performing this action may make your personal information public to other users of the Service. We may also use this information for the purposes of marketing, as well as for any other purposes described in this Privacy Policy.

Third Party Network Accounts
We offer the option to connect and log in using your existing third party Facebook or Twitter accounts in some of our games. When you perform this action, you may be able to use this same account to log in to multiple devices using the same game account information, as well as being able to access certain features in our games.

Information obtained from Facebook
If you choose to log in to our Services using your Facebook account, we will obtain your Facebook login ID. We will not be able to access your profile information or any other information stored in your Facebook account.
When you log in using your Facebook account, we are not able to make posts on your behalf without your explicit consent.
For more information on how Facebook handles your personal information, please check Facebook's Privacy Policy.
Information obtained from Twitter
If you choose to log in to our Services using your Twitter account, we will obtain information such as your account name, account ID, profile picture and followers list. Your profile picture will be made public to other players in the game.
When you log in using your Twitter account, we are not able to make tweets on your behalf without your explicit consent.
For more information on how Twitter handles your personal information, please check Twitter's Privacy Policy.

We may make use of your information to promote our Services in various ways. For example:
• Displaying advertising in third party websites, applications and internet-enabled devices.
• Displaying promotions relating to our other Services in-game.

Information we use for Marketing
We use your information in analyzing and optimizing our own marketing practices. We may also use your information to ensure that the marketing displayed to you is in your interests. For example, the following information may be used.
• Online identifiers, such as advertising identifiers, that we collect from your device. Please read the "Advertising Identifiers and Similar Technologies" section for more details.
• Information regarding other games that you play and how you play and use our Services.
• Your age, country or region, and gender.
• Any other information that we receive from third party marketing partners who have acquired your permission to share such information or who otherwise have a legal right to do so.
Marketing Partners
We use a number of third party marketing partners to promote our Services in the media.
These marketing partners use information that they have collected about you to allow us to serve you advertisements. This information is collected from you when you use their services and websites, or the services and websites of third parties. They use this collected information to show you advertisements that best reflect your own interests. For example, if they believe that our Services are of interest to you, they will show you advertisements related to our Services.
This Privacy Policy does not cover the collection and use of your information by these third party marketing partners, and we carry no responsibility for the collection and use of your information by these third party marketing partners.
Advertising Identifiers and Similar Technologies
We make use of advertising identifiers and similar technologies to analyze and optimize our marketing activities.

Advertising identifiers, such as the Android advertising ID and Apple's IDFA advertising ID, are temporary, non-personal identifiers that are unique to your device. Similar technologies also exist, such as tracking pixels prevalent in advertisements.
We use advertising identifiers and similar technologies to provide Services and to collect data from your device. We and our third party partners use this collected data to analyze and optimize our marketing practices and our Services.
Limiting Advertising Identifier Tracking
The settings on your device will allow you to prevent your advertising identifier from being used or to reset it entirely. Specific settings may differ by device, but they can most often be found under settings categories such as Privacy or Advertising.
Please note that adjusting your settings as outlined above does not mean you will no longer see advertisements. It means that the advertisements that you do see will no longer be targeted to your interests.

For Residents of California
In accordance with the California Consumer Privacy Act, as a California resident, if you provide personal information to us for the purposes of obtaining a product or service for use by you, your family or your household, you have the right to request from us any of your personal information we have shared with other companies for the purpose of direct marketing (if there has been) once per calendar year.

By following specified legal provisions, companies, like us, can share personal information with third parties for the purposes of direct marketing if we provide consumers the option to opt-in and opt-out, and if we outline how consumers can make use of that right in our privacy policy. As stated in this privacy policy, we are providing customers the opportunity to have a choice before we share personal information with third parties for the purpose of direct marketing. If a customer does not opt-in, or if they choose to opt-out after we have provided the opportunity to choose, we will not provide the customer's information to third parties or for the purposes of direct marketing.

Under particular circumstances, customers have the right to request that part of their personal information that we save be deleted. If you would like for us to delete any of your personal information that we hold, please contact us through the methods outlined further down. Please be aware that if you would like us to process your request, you must delete our game(s) from your mobile device, and you must delete our cookies present in your web browsers on devices that were used to play our game(s). When deleting a customer's personal information, parts or all of some types of information may still be saved, such as information needed to maintain accounting history, maintain or implement legal rights, maintain marketing-exclusion lists, maintain technological security, and maintain the integrity of our database. We may also retain a customer's information while keeping the customer anonymous. Under some circumstances, we may not be able to delete or update applicable data such as usernames, avatars, and chat messages that can be seen through gameplay and have been cached by another player's device.
You are free to exercise on these rights and can do so by contacting us through the various methods outlined in the "Contact Us" section at the bottom of this Privacy Policy.

Other ways in which you can manage our collection of your personal data include unlinking your Facebook or other social media accounts from our games; deleting our games or other Services from your devices; resetting or limiting your device's advertising identifier from your device's settings; limiting or preventing the use of cookies on your device. Details on how to perform these actions are explained elsewhere in the Privacy Policy.

Child Protection
We do not knowingly ask for or collect personal information from, or display targeted advertising to, or give permission to use our games or Services to anyone under the age of 16. Please contact us if you believe that we may be holding information of any children under the age of 16 without the permission of their legal guardian.
Please note that the terms of service for our games and other Services may contain their own individual age limits for use of the Service.

General Terms
Our Privacy Policy contains details on the following content.
• Who we share your information with and why.
• How we keep your information safe.
• The legal grounds on which we process your data.
• Where and for how long we keep your information
• The timing for when we share your information with third parties and why.
• Updates or changes made to this Privacy Policy.

As well as the regulations already laid out previously in this Privacy Policy, we may share your information in the following cases.
• When we receive permission from you to share your information (including such cases as described in this Privacy Policy).
• When it is necessary to fulfill your request. For example, when we share your information to our payment processors in order to complete your request for purchase.
• When your data is stored in such a way that it is anonymous and you are unable to be identified personally with it.
• When we believe it is acceptable to do so by law, or when it is necessary to do so to comply with a legal order, or when it is necessary to do so to enforce our terms of service or similar agreement with you, or to protect the rights, properties and security of us or our users.
• When our assets are sold, or when we undergo corporate restructure, or when a change of control of us or one of our group companies occurs, or when preparing for the occurrence of any of these cases. In the event that our assets are transferred or sold to a third party, they will obtain the right to collect and handle your personal information according to the rules laid out in this Privacy Policy.
We will not share or sell your personal information such as email addresses to other organizations, excluding business partners for this service, for the purposes of marketing or promotion without your explicit consent. While these business partners have access to customers' personal information that has been provided to us, they agree to follow the measures allowed by this privacy policy when using the personal information they have received.
We enact appropriate security and technical steps to protect your information from illegal access, loss and misuse. However, as the Internet is not a secure environment by its very nature, we cannot absolutely guarantee the security of your data both online and offline. We ask that you always take care when handling your own personal information online.
Legal Grounds
When we process your information, we process it legally according specified legal grounds as outlined by law. These legal grounds are the following.
• Data that we need to use in order to provide you with Services that both parties have mutually agreed to offer and receive, such as our games, our customer service, our messaging features and connecting with third party social networks.
• Data that we need to use in order to comply with a legal order, such as in the prevention of fraud or other crimes, or in keeping records relating to taxation.
• Data that we use in such a way that does not infringe on your privacy and can be reasonably expected in the scope of our Services, such as marketing, analysis, surveying and optimization of our Services.
• Data that we use after having asked for your explicit consent, where such consent is asked for and described in detail before collection, including details on how not to give your consent.
This Privacy Policy goes into detail regarding how you can opt out of our data processing. Even data processing to which you have given your consent, you are able to rescind that consent at any time. However, we will continue to collect some of your personal data according to the other sections in this Privacy Policy so long as you continue to play our games or otherwise make use of our Services. In order to completely prevent us from collecting any of your personal data, you must stop playing our games and using our Services.
Your information will be stored as long as you have an active account with us, or as long as we require it for the various purposes outlined in this Privacy Policy. Your information will also be stored for as long as we are required to store it by law.
Transfer Overseas
Our base of operations is located in Japan and as such our Service is provided via transfer overseas. Some of your data may be transferred to countries in which data protection laws are not carried out in the same manner as described in this Privacy Policy. We are taking steps to ensure that your information is handled safely in the event of such transfers.
Privacy Policy Changes
We will regularly make updates to this Privacy Policy and release it in this same location. The latest updated Privacy Policy comes into effect immediately upon its release. Please ensure to check this page regularly for updates to the Privacy Policy.
Contact Us
Should you have any concerns or queries regarding anything laid out in this Privacy Policy, including any wishes to exercise your rights as described previously, please use the following methods to contact us.
1. Send an email to
2. Send a letter to 13F NBF Ikebukuro East Bldg., 3-4-3 Higashi-Ikebukuro, Toshima-ku, Tokyo 170-0013, Japan.